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How to Respond in Difficult Times


There's no question that the times we live in present a struggle for businesses on how to respond. Whether it's a social issue or political, even if your business doesn't play in those spaces, often there is still a call for you to say something. But what?

Recent surveys found that 71% of US customers agree or strongly agree that it's important for brands to take a stand on sensitive topics. On that note, here are some quick reminders:

Be active, not political. Skip the fine details and talk about the big picture instead. Encourage customers to research an issue, start a fundraiser, or connect with a local non-profit. Customers will appreciate genuine solutions more than polarizing statements.

Consider your audience. Think about your audience's passions. For reference, Gen Z and Millennials care most about a brand's stances on social issues. When in doubt, check your competitors' reactions.

Be ethical. Use these cultural moments as an opportunity to reinforce your brand's values, which will help you shift the focus and gain the trust of your customers.

Be authentic. Listen to your customers respectfully and always stay well-informed. For more help with reputation management, call us today to learn about our services!

It's always good to have a social strategy in place when difficult times arise. Business Builders works with businesses of all shapes and sizes to preemptively develop language and tactics for handling challenging situations. Call us today for a consultation or schedule a meeting online