SEO/SEM/Web Optimization

Business Builders Marketing has decades of experience in both web development and digital marketing. Every site built by our team is optimized for excellence from the beginning, and our a la carte services can continue to enhance your site long after launch. Even if you have a site that Business Builders didn't develop, we're happy to look to see how we can help you grow and enhance your digital footprint and marketing presence. A well-optimized website will:

  • Build traffic across the site and all other digital platforms
  • Create and build brand awareness
  • Gain and nurture leads and
  • Support organizational goals/build revenue

Monthly optimization packages can be customized based on your needs and budget. These packages include, but are not limited to:

  • Keyword optimization
  • Content generation
  • Social media integration
  • Digital ad development
  • Lead generation
  • CRM integration
  • Sales enhancement
  • E-communication programs
  • Strategic linkage
  • Performance Improvement

What is Optimization?

At Business Builders Marketing, we believe in transparency. Whether you're building or maintaining a website, we want you to fully understand what you're getting. In that vein, there are a couple of important tools we feel need to be brought from the shadows so you can stay fully informed.


First is search engine optimization, or SEO. If you have a website, there's a good chance you've seen this acronym. But do you know what it is? SEO is the non-paid or organic effort that ensures that searchers find your website. There are two types of SEO; think of them as built-in and build-up SEO.

Built-in SEO happens when you build your website. It contains things like:

  • Keyword research
  • Well-written content
  • Web page titles and headings
  • Navigation structure
  • Page descriptions
  • Mobile responsiveness

Build-up SEO is a continuation of your marketing strategy that adds to your website's effectiveness by creating new content and updating content that might be outdated. This could include:

  • Creating new blog entries
  • Refreshing or updating old blog entries
  • Updating keywords
  • Reviewing and updating page content

If you have a maintenance contract that includes regular optimization work, this is the type of work you should expect.


Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is the paid part of your digital strategy. It includes items like Google and Facebook ads and Google Business listings. These services are technical and can be complicated, so Business Builders Marketing recommends working with a trusted partner to make sure that you're making the most of your advertising dollars.

SEM and SEO are closely connected. The keywords used to draw visitors to your website are used to actively seek out those searching for your goods or services by using them in digital ads. Those digital ads must be properly connected to your website to create a pathway for users to follow. And then, you must have someone with the know-how to analyze and interpret your results. Once the results are in, they should be applied to your marketing strategy to ensure that your ads make the most significant impact on your target market.

Looking for a partner to fully design, build, and implement an effective SEO and SEM strategy? Business Builders Marketing has the expertise you need. Call us today and schedule your free consultation.