Human Resources Support

HR departments are continuously required to accomplish more with less. It's been a natural evolution to seek outside support to achieve goals effectively. We have the experience, time, and tools to support your needs in employee recruitment, retention, training, and communications. 

Numerous clients within the healthcaresenior caremanufacturingagribusiness, and professional services industries utilize our support services to save time and money. They rely on our consultation and modern methods of social media recruitment and direct communications for today's workforce. Our most popular human resources services include:


From social media ad placement to campaigns and website lead generation methods, our team works with today's platforms to connect with your target employee pool. Whether you're seeking consultative support only or desire complete implementation, our team works closely with you to ensure that you have the tools and techniques necessary for successful, modern recruitment.

Employee Web-based Portals

Secure, web-based portals are a great way to share important information with your team and can serve as an all-inclusive site for your organization's resources. Use these powerful portals as the home for benefits information, links to payroll data, hubs for training materials, and, more recently, as the place where confidential and sensitive information can be accessed. We have tremendous flexibility with these portals and can offer unique features such as the ability to provide each visitor with a unique experience when they arrive. This is what today's HR departments rely on!

Video Orientations

There is a tremendous amount of time spent training new hires and presenting the same information to each individual or group of hires. Video orientations allow for the standard information to be captured, saving significant time, and ensuring that all staff members receive consistent information. Videos capture footage of the people, locations, and content you choose – they allow you to use different sections for different types of employees and make for more efficient updating.

Manual Modernization

Gone are the days of 100-page employee manuals! Today, we work with HR professionals to provide quick, professional pieces that offer an essential company overview and guide staff members to their employee portals where they can find more information. We educate a workforce, save on printing, and help to promote a modern culture, all in one activity.

Communication Planning

Business Builders Marketing helps you effectively communicate with employees using modern, practical methods such as text messaging, executive video messaging, e-communications, team apps, and social media platforms. Effective communication can foster a positive culture, improve retention rates, and support all organizational initiatives. 

How could your department and organization benefit from modern communication and training methods? Contact our team for a complimentary discovery meeting today!