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Customers Come First!


How well do you understand your customers? More than 77% of brands believe that the customer experience is a critical competitive differentiator. Customer journey maps are a great way to visualize their experiences with your business. Here's how you can create one:

  1. Develop a buyer profile. Consider target demographics like age, gender, income, etc. Then, determine buyers' goals.
  2. Choose a starting point. What would have been the buyer's first interaction with your brand? Now, think about their next steps and the next.
  3. Map out all touchpoints. Each time that buyer interacts with your brand, there should be a stop on the map that reflects it.
  4. Add customer behavior at each touch point.
  5. Assess their journey – is it effective and efficient?

These maps help you consider the customer's perspective and optimize the journey to meet their needs better. If you have several different demographics, create separate maps for each buyer persona! Business Builders can help you develop or improve your customer journey map with items like as social media management, web development, digital advertising, and more!