Business Builders Marketing Website Maintenance Program

Our website maintenance agreement is an annual, automatically reoccurring agreement with our clients. Business Builders reserves the right to modify all agreements as needed to provide necessary technical services for website maintenance clients. We recommend that clients always review the current program inclusions and understand all elements of their site service.

The level of maintenance will depend upon the type of website you have: Basic or Enterprise.

Basic Site Maintenance: Basic website maintenance is for smaller, simplistic sites with 15 pages or less. These sites typically have no more than two forms, no more than two components, and no more than 4-5 navigational elements. Any one of these elements may bring a site to a more complex level. For instance, you may have a site that has only ten pages; however, it has five forms. That is an enterprise-level site. Each site is unique. Please talk with us to learn about how your site is categorized so we can maintain it with excellence. Current monthly fee:  $150/month.

Enterprise Site Maintenance: Enterprise website maintenance is for more dynamic sites with 15 pages or more. These sites typically have several forms and many components and may have some complexity built into them with their multiple-page structure. Or they could be a large site that takes a long time to back up and often requires attention. Websites are living, breathing structures, and the larger they are, the more there is to maintain. Current monthly fee:  $250/month.  

Please be aware that Business Builders Marketing may grandfather in past support contracts for security and service at discounted rates; however, we can no longer offer free service for updates. 

Security now takes us much longer than it ever did. The technical infrastructure and relationship between hosting, domain, and security are critical, and we must stay on top of all needs. Our monthly fees support your paid seat on our 24/7 security platform and allow for time spent monitoring, updating, and back-up your site monthly. If you have website updates beyond a simple phone number change or small wording update, we need to bill you for any time spent. 

Clients reserve the right to terminate the agreement with a 30-day notice; however, we would appreciate a 90-day professional notification. Thank you for your continued support.

Website Maintenance Program Inclusions:

Platform Release Upgrades: We will ensure that your content management system (CMS) is updated to operate on the most current version possible to provide the highest level of security and functionality.

24/7 Auto-Security System Monitoring: Your site is connected to an auto-monitoring system that alerts us to any potential problems so we can always keep your site up and running! Our team will handle issues requiring one or fewer hours of service. Should we find serious issues, we will contact you to discuss options.

Website Back-up: We back-up your website up monthly to ensure that it can be restored if there is ever a need. 

Technical Liaison: While we are not your IT department, we will document your hosting and domain provider credentials in our project management software along with renewal dates so we can be sure that you will always keep control of your important assets. We will need to gain this information upon initiation of our work together.

Updating Form Access: We will place access to our easy-updating form on your site, so you can quickly click on a form to request updating help. This will take you through a request form that goes to our web team, who can address your need. If it’s a quick update (such as a phone number change), we may be able to handle it for you at no charge. However, if it’s over 15 minutes, we will most certainly need to bill you at current hourly rates for time spent. 

If you know that you’ll be updating your website consistently each month or each quarter, we offer discounted contract rates. This will save you a significant amount of dollars and allows us to plan our schedules accordingly. If you are interested or have questions, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you!