Chances are, much has changed since you created your website. Technology has improved, and your company has evolved as well. If you’re like most, you’ve had changes in staff and methods, none of which are reflected in your current website. While you’ve thought about getting a new website many times, you’re concerned about the website development process and cost. You don’t have the time or the resources to devote to a new web development project. Thankfully, you don’t have to.

We offer website updating and maintenance packages for websites built in WordPress or Joomla platforms. Many were built without being maintained and are in desperate need of attention. Others are being “serviced” by a technology firm that cannot provide the service or necessary expertise. You may or may not know who has website access, but you know that you pay for something monthly or quarterly and seem to get nothing in return. It’s time to make a change!  

Business Builders Marketing has been designing, developing, servicing, and maintaining websites for decades. We make it easy. Simply fill out the easy Wonder About Web form. We’ll review your site, schedule a 15-minute conference call with you, and discuss how we can help. It’s an easy and affordable solution when you’re not ready for a new site, but will benefit from website service and solutions.


Website Updating and Maintenance Service Includes: 

  • Website Updates
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Security & Stabilization
  • Website Platform Updates
  • Website Form Creation & Improvement
  • Website & Social Media Integration
  • Website Content Improvement & Updates
  • Website Photo & Image Updates

We can help! Take a quick minute to fill out our Wonder About Web form. We’ll review and schedule a quick call to cover all of your options.


We Do Web Right!

It’s important to understand that websites are like cars. They need ongoing maintenance to stay alive and well. It’s truly the oil and fluids that will enable your investment to keep running. Our website updating packages always come with mandatory maintenance packages. They’re inexpensive and will make sure that you never have to stress about your website again. You’ll know that your site is healthy and that a responsive team can update anything you need whenever you need it. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your site and make sure that it works for you, always. One day, you may decide that it’s time for a new site with an updated design and features – and that’s certainly ok – this program enables you to make that decision on your own time and is not forced upon you because your site is outdated.


What If My Site Is Beyond Updating or Repair?

Your site may be so old that fixing it would be ridiculous. Or, it may have been created on a proprietary platform that only one website company can access – and they have terrible service. Don’t worry; we can help. We create new, customized websites for clients of all types with different budgets and needs. And another thing that’s worthy of note, many times we take foundational elements of your current site, embellish upon these and use them to create your new 100% modern and perfectly functioning site that is both affordable and amazing.

Do you still Wonder about Web? Provide us with some basic information so that we can provide a world of possibilities. Or, call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today to schedule a complimentary consultation.  309-827-7977