managed marketing

For select clients, Business Builders offers a unique, full-service support approach called Managed Marketing Services. By planning and allocating monthly service hours, we can accomplish much more with much less investment for our clients, and we can start making an impact right away.

Managed Marketing Services provides you with access to our entire team: business and marketing professionals, graphic designers, web specialists, social media experts, videographers, and more. We will be able to dive right into areas that need attention; our clients are amazed at what can be achieved with our entire team working for you!

Managed Marketing Services Benefits 

This method truly makes us a partner in your goal attainment, with our entire professional team vested in meeting your objectives. Business Builders Marketing essentially becomes your personal marketing team. You will be a focus of our weekly and monthly meeting discussions and will receive the following services:  

  • Comprehensive Team Support. Your marketing team includes an executive team liaison and consultant, dedicated account manager, communication specialist, graphic artist, web specialist, and videographer who are assigned to your company. 
  • Discounted hourly rates. We offer amazing rates for your commitment and even include complimentary administrative support hours, so yourinvestment will always remain focused on professional support.   
  • Dedicated Time. Our organization allocates a dedicated block of time per month, held for you and used to achieve your goals. Only a limited number of Managed Marketing Services clients are accepted.
  • Flexibility. Clients appreciate the ability and flexibility of our team to add additional projects and help in multiple areas as opportunities, or even challenges, arise. As a partner, we work for you and modify the plan of action based on your needs.       
  • Priority Service. Managed Marketing Services clients are placed on a priority schedule and receive the quickest turn-around possible.  


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