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Why Use a Professional Marketing Firm for Digital Advertising?


Your website is the hub for all traffic; it's the place potential customers go to learn about your company and determine if they want what you offer. But with millions of other companies competing for online user attention, how can you effectively guide people to your site and improve your chances of synching a sale? The answer is successful paid digital advertising programming, which opens the door to visitors and welcomes them to your world. 

If you're looking for customers, you need to go where the people are. Where are they? Online. Where do they spend most of their time when they are online? Facebook and Google. Facebook is currently the largest social media site, boasting nearly 2.5 billion monthly active users worldwide. Google, on the other hand, accounts for nearly 63% of all U.S. desktop searches and over 93% of mobile searches in 2019. Both platforms provide paid advertising options to users, offering extensive insight and delivering incredible results. When you take a look at the statistics, you can see that advertising on Facebook and Google can be an impactful way to grow your business.

Marketing firms not only run single ads but strategic ad programs that are successful based on deep platform expertise. This marketing knowledge is critical in all competitive industries. Those who run their own ads or who rely on non-certified, non-experienced providers can quickly end up wasting dollars. Agency support for these paid digital services is critical and will afford you with advantages that you would not have otherwise. The advantages of having a professional marketing firm handle your digital advertising needs are endless. Here are several benefits you receive when you choose the professional route:

1. Comprehensive Expertise
When you hire marketing specialists, you gain Google and Facebook-certified team members who know every aspect of successful advertising and stay updated on the latest changes and certifications. Based on your specific goals, they integrate your digital advertising systems with your website to ensure traffic is landing appropriately and connecting visitors with the right content. Digital professionals are constantly improving to capture market share and re-market and are experienced with successful digital ad creation with an understanding of how to build off of their success.

2. Direct Communication With Google and Facebook
With a marketing team on your side, you don't need to contact Facebook or Google directly. These teams have Facebook professional and developer status that gives them direct access to responsive representatives who assist them with platform updates and provide explanations as needs arise. Status and volume with Google Ad placements also connect marketing teams with dedicated digital strategists for each client. These platform representatives are familiar with the ads and offer suggestions for their continued improvements based upon content, audience, and competition.

3. Support During Platform Changes
Google and Facebook's algorithms and platforms change frequently. Marketing agencies can recognize and work with these changes to make the necessary adjustments to client ads. For example, political years such as this one paired with Facebook's recent increase in transparency and accountability will cause changes in ad management. However, digital marketing teams will be able to navigate and adjust ads during this time.

4. Continuous Ad Monitoring
Marketing firms employ multiple team members who are accountable for all aspects of ad management. Systems for monitoring, adjustment, and reporting are in place to ensure that each ad is working to achieve the best possible results for the client. With a qualified team of experts, you don't have to worry.

Your programs will continue to succeed with time and experienced technicians working within both platforms. Are you interested in trying Google or Facebook ads and aren't sure where to start? Our digital marketing team can effectively capture and bring people to your environment through the development of strategic paid Facebook and Google Ad programs. Call us at 309-827-7977 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see how we can help set your company up for digital marketing success.