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Brand Development: Agency vs. Online


In today's competitive market, standing out is not just recommended; it is a necessity. Your brand is the identity of your business and shows your consumers what sets you apart from the crowd. The success of your brand goes much deeper than only having an eye-catching logo; it's about creating an identity that connects with your consumer and represents your core values. Strategic thinking, understanding your market, and knowing your audience all play an essential role in taking your business and brand to the next level. At Business Builders Marketing, we strive to foster this holistic brand identity creation.

With the huge prevalence of technology in today's business world, there are so many places to get inexpensive, fast logos and websites. These companies pride themselves on their quick turnaround times and providing dozens of logo options for users, all while keeping costs incredibly low. While this can seem like a great option for business owners, in the long run, the vast majority of businesses would benefit from working with a seasoned branding or marketing agencies over these cheap online venues. Let's get into why:

1. Expertise and Experience - Branding agencies are experts in their field. They bring valuable experience, knowledge, and skills to the table, all gained from working with clients across industries.

2. Strategy - Crafting a brand identity is more than just visual aesthetics, it involves knowing your target market and competitors. Agencies will deep-dive into your industry to understand the specifics of what will make your business more successful. Most of these online vendors offer no industry research and rely solely on the logo creation aspect. This leaves out a crucial part of knowledge that can hinder your business in the future.

3. Personal Relationships - Branding is a very personal experience; it requires human connection for the best outcome in the long run. A branding agency will take the time to get to know you and your ideals to build your identity. Brands created in this way are more unique and stand out more in the marketplace. Many online vendors only have website chats as means of communication, whereas agencies will be in contact with you personally, often through multiple methods of communication.

4. Time and Efficiency - The main selling point of online vendors is the turnaround time of their products. Many claim that customers will have a final logo delivered in 24 hours to 48 hours. While we all know that time is valuable, this method does not allow for anything more than the creation of a cookie-cutter product. Working with a brand agency will allow for fully customized assets that are still delivered in a timely manner. And because agencies have taken the time to understand your business, the execution of branding assets tends to go much smoother.

Working with a branding agency is an investment, not just in your business but in your long-term success. By working with people who have a great deal of knowledge and experience and who are willing to go that extra mile for your business, you can set yourself to excel in today's market. Why settle for anything less than the best? Call and schedule a conversation with us today to see how we can help your business grow!