Digital Marketing Services

Business Builders Marketing is a certified, awarded digital marketing agency with extensive experience and proven success managing multi-million-dollar marketing budgets. While our roots date back to 1989, we started "playing" with Google Ads and social media posting in 2005 and have been going strong ever since. 

Once we know your market and goals, we can provide custom recommendations regarding the many options you will have within the digital marketing world to support your needs. The following is just a sample of the types of services we can offer within several popular platforms; however, this does not even begin to communicate the possibilities of what can be done!

Google Ad Management

  • Comprehensive Platform Support – Ads, Listings, Optimization, Mapping, Reputation Management 
  • Ad Types May include - Video, Display, Search, Dynamic, Testing, Call Activated 
  • Website Integration; tracking 

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube 

  • Professional consultation, posting, campaign development, successful campaign, and inbound and outbound strategy.
  • Single or multi-platform management with multi-campaign, multi-location, and multiple complexities offered
  • Marketing and recruitment services offered

Many other platforms, such as Snapchat, Pinterest, Pandora, and WhatsApp, are within our wheelhouse and may be of interest. We bring all marketing and social media methods to the table for you. Once we learn more about your goals and market, we can determine the best fit for your needs. 

Search Engine Optimization Services 

  • Keyword Analysis, research, placement
  • Meta-data development and application
  • Integration with your website and social media 
  • Comprehensive success with ideal ranking within large and small industries throughout the country

Robust Reporting & Analysis

  • Account Managers will be working with you to review needs and goals
  • Certified Digital Strategists will be placing and monitoring ads
  • Professional analysis will be in place – to ensure that wise decisions are made with your dollars

Why Business Builders Marketing for Digital Needs? 

  • Our ad agency platform offers advantages for target market selection, ad creation, budget allocation, monitoring, and overall analysis.
  • Our professional team members are educated, experienced, and updated on the latest changes and certifications.
  • Our volumes afford us personal reps at Google and Facebook that we can work with to troubleshoot and proactively discuss clients and needs. 
  • Award-winning creative –graphics, video, copywriting to ensure that your ads will be amazing. 
  • We possess the knowledge and ability to support frequent changes with platforms due to regulations, politics, or social pressures.
  • We offer ideal systems for continuous monitoring, adjustment, and reporting with multiple team members accountable for success. 
  • Experience; without the right approach, your ads will fail. We have highly experienced marketing experts and the wisest choice to be good stewards of your dollars to generate the ideal return on investment.