Full-Service, Professional Video Production Services

Business Builders is Central Illinois' premier provider of professionally produced, high-definition video. Our videos have been seen and recognized all over the world, thanks to a blend of quality production, professional editing, and extensive marketing experience.

Our professional, mobile equipment includes state-of-the-art cameras, pop-up studio backdrops, and innovative lighting set-ups – so everyone and everything will always look great. Whether you’d like us to come to your organization or arrange for off-site filming, we offer pre-production planning and will handle all details and make sure everyone has a positive experience.

Video content is powerful. It has become an essential overall organizational tool that supports marketing, sales, service, recruitment, and retention needs. Video enables you to defy comparison. Done effectively, video can increase traffic to your site, prompt understanding, increase sales, increase staff time/productivity, and enable you to put your best foot forward. Organizational leaders in marketing, human resources, business owners, and managers should consider how video content will help you reach your goals. Affordable video packages are available that offer professional content, complete flexibility, as well as scalability for your longer-term content needs. Schedule a call with us today to learn how you can benefit from the power of video!

Central Illinois Professional Video Services

Business Builders is proud to provide the communities of Bloomington, Normal, Peoria, Morton, Springfield, Decatur, Champaign-Urbana, and beyond with professional video production for business growth and organizational impact. We create high-definition experiences that include:

  • Affordable, Professional Video Packages
  • Video Conceptualizing and Storyboarding
  • Testimonial Video Expertise; Results and Positive Experiences
  • Video Script Development; Professional Voiceover Applications
  • Mobile Studio Equipment; Film Anywhere Capabilities
  • Drone Videography; FAA Certified Drone Pilots
  • Advanced Editing and Special Effects
  • Innovative Video Animation Experts
  • Sound and Audio Management
  • Social Media Integration and Application
  • Post-Production Technical and Compatibility Supportt
  • Video Marketing and Advertising Strategy and Implementation

Video content development and applications are deep and wide for those in healthcare, professional services, technology, education, and manufacturing. Some of our most popular video requests include:

  • Testimonial Videos. Your customers or patients are the best ones to speak to your most positive attributes. We work to schedule, prepare, and bring out the best in interviewees so we can create outstanding testaments to your great work.
  • Services/Product Highlight Videos. Video is often the best way to educate, highlight, and showcase important products and services. It can help to prompt understanding that is critical for decision-making and can also significantly shorten the offering cycle to successful sale or scheduling.
  • About Us Videos. These powerful videos showcase your advantages and serve as an important introduction piece for your potential clients or patients. We can help you showcase your story in a way that is in line with your culture, so you can be trusted and appreciated.
  • “Why Work Here” Videos. A unique twist on the About Us video, this features workplace culture, benefits, and advantages and is geared towards the prospective employee. This powerful recruitment tool pays for itself the minute it’s posted, attracting top candidates, and shortening the hiring cycle. Consider coupling this with employee testimonials and job/position highlight videos, for the most effective recruitment strategy.
  • Video Education/Training. Whether you need an entire employee orientation, a training series, or that one important piece – video offers the best avenue for affordable, effective education. Pieces can be done using original filming, motion graphics, and animation only, or a combination of both. Save time, money, effort, and energy with affordable new video training techniques. We can also set up a Learning Management Platform on your site, so anyone can become educated, certified, or even entertained by your amazing content!
  • Social/Promotional Pieces. Video content plays wonderfully on organic social media channels and is extremely effective in elevating digital advertising strategies. Video content can be affordably, creatively, and effectively woven within your entire marketing strategy to ensure that you shine online.

Business Builders works with your needs and budget by offering affordable, organizational, and business video production for all needs and goals. View our portfolio or YouTube channel today to get some inspiration or contact one of our video specialists today to learn more about our affordable video packages!

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