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Covid-concerns placed many of our favorite past-times on hold. We relied heavily on the web for education, shopping, entertainment, and connection. Social behavior continued to swell, which offered us even more data on consumer behavior and preferences. Here are some interesting facts:

Where Do People Spend the Most Time?

  • Facebook reaches 97% of people between 18-34, and each person spends more than 1000 minutes a month on the site. It still dominates the market and continues to grow.
  • Instagram (owned by Facebook) reaches a little less than 65% of people aged 18-34, who spend around 350 minutes on the site. Stats were up 2% from 2019.
  • LinkedIn usage increased by 2%, noting that 45% of users earn more than $75K/year and have become an attractive market.
  • YouTube usage still had an incredible statistic of 1.3 billion users, but the platform usage stayed consistent.
  • Snapchat (-3%), Twitter (-2%), and Pinterest (-1%) all saw significant decreases in users, with many doubting their ability to sustain beyond niche applications.

What Social Media Actions Drive Purchases?

  • 48% said being responsive will encourage them to buy
  • 46% said offering promotions
  • 42% said offing educational content

Public Expectations for Your Brand on Social Media:

  • 86% be honest
  • 83% be friendly
  • 78% be helpful

Knowing where your market is, what they expect, and what drives their actions is extremely valuable. This general data can be driven down into company-specific microdata as well, with access to your specific platforms and website analytics. We see across all industries, consumers wanting more information online – they want to make their decision independently and want full information to do so. They want rich content, robust information, total honesty, and a positive experience. How will you deliver? 

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