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New Days, New HR Ways!

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Organizations continue to find a happy medium between staying open and staying healthy. Changes have been required, which in many cases have been possible thanks to solid support from Human Resources Departments. HR departments everywhere have had to increase job responsibilities, accommodate the need for additional training, and field a tremendous volume of questions and concerns. 

Kudos to our HR teams and the hard work they are putting in; one day you too will get some time off! Until then, it's clear that there is much work to do. You have the power to help your employees and company navigate through these challenging times. Consider the following ways you can promote positivity, recruit talent, and effectively support your team!

1. Focus on Consistent Communication
Employees want to be connected, so it is important to find clear, concise, and consistent means of communication. This could be a text messaging system, e-newsletters, video messages, or even private social channels. Although opening lines of communication can be challenging and may result in some negative responses, it will be appreciated by the majority.

2. Seek Out & Support Your Champions
Search for the other champions in your company who set a good example of company values and maintain a positive attitude. Appreciate these leaders and encourage them to continue their actions to perpetuate a positive company culture. You can't do it alone.

3. Explore Multiple Platforms for Digital Recruitment
Sure, Indeed can be great, but there are many ways and platforms to reach qualified candidates. For example, LinkedIn can be used for targeting business professionals, Facebook for the more localized crowd, and Google as an affordable way to fill all types of positions. Good firms will offer you options and testing, so you can see results before you lock into long-term contracts.

4. Train with Video
Now that in-person training is limited, it is the perfect time to use take advantage of video. Video orientations can save you hours of training time and ensure that new hires receive the same consistent information. Video can be created easily, with many options based upon budget.

Whether you're looking for consultative support or need complete implementation, the Business Builders team has the experience, time, and tools to support your HR needs. We are experienced with:

• Recruitment
• Employee Web-Based Portals
• Video Orientations
• Employee Manuals
• Community Planning
• And more!

Contact the Business Builders Marketing team today to learn how we can help!