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How has the Pandemic Affected Graphic Design?

How has the pandemic affected graphic design?

In graphic design, trends come and go. Some trends last for years, some for only months. During a trying time for all of us, graphic design has not only had to learn how to adapt, but also has had to take into consideration people's mental health states. Below is a brief exploration of a few trends and affects the pandemic has had on graphic design.

Shift to Digital

Over the past decade, design has been slowly shifting towards the digital realm. When the pandemic hit, especially during the early stages, design was forced to become digital more than ever as precautions were taken, and the use of paper became less. Now, most of us are back at our workplaces rather than stuck at home, but this shift to digital may last as website design and development, use of social media, and digital advertising become more popular.

Soft Gradients

While the use of soft gradients has been a trend for years, they have become notably used during the pandemic. Soft gradients add a dynamic touch to any design yet are gentle on the eyes, creating a calming effect. During a time of uncertainty, calming visuals can help boost one's mental state.

Irregular Shapes and Ovals

Graphics have been reflecting the strangeness of this time by becoming more irregular. Regular shapes and boxy websites have become predictable and overdone over the years, and now we need something new. One example is irregularly shaped ovals paired with soft colors, as this emits a calming effect similar to that of the soft gradient.

Chiseled-Looking Typography

Typography has also reflected this irregularity. New typefaces that have been developed over the past year look prehistoric yet futuristic, as if someone took a chisel to a rock and carefully crafted them to be used well in the digital realm. The curves in these fonts have been replaced by angles, and they are packed with personality. Fonts like this must be used wisely and may only work for certain businesses, but it is interesting to see how typography is evolving over time and how their shape is shifting to work well digitally.

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