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Drone Video Marketing: Taking Video to New Heights!


Break through the ceiling and reach new marketing heights with industry-leading drone footage. The sky is the limit when you utilize filming with a drone's unique benefits. Your prospects will be trending upward when you can showcase practical drone capabilities. Be above the rest, take your marketing videos to the top of the industry.

A drone with a mounted camera will provide a way to capture footage from unique angles that will make your videos stand out. Whereas there was once a time that chartering a helicopter was the only way to acquire dynamic aerial footage, the drone has now brought that service to an extremely cost-effective level. That dynamism is exactly the element that will impress your audience. With videos capitalizing on short attention spans and a need to digest information rapidly, dynamic drone footage in constant movement has become highly sought after.

A drone has many video marketing applications, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a project that wouldn't benefit from aerial footage. Common applications follow:

Show Your Location for Reference

Whether you have a storefront you want your customers to find, or you would like to exemplify your business's local proximity, drone aerial footage is the ideal method of capturing a subject and a vast surrounding area in one shot.

Display the Full Scale of Your Event

In the same vein, some stories are too big to be told with footage at eye level. If you have an event too big for a camera to see from a fixed location, the drone can film the event in its entirety within one seamless shot.

Show Off Your Product, Value, or Beauty

Consumer products stored inside a large warehouse or the lush fertility of a large field of crops may just be too massive for normal video to capture, but perfect for the versatility of a drone. When your product or service covers a wide area, a drone takes the viewers from end to end at rapid speed. The flying aerial shot can say so much more in less time than any traditional camera shot.

When Creativity Calls

Maybe your project calls for a new perspective or an out-of-the-box approach to capture the attention of your market? We can use a drone to do some heavy lifting, providing unique angles and engaging movement. A skilled remote pilot can make a simple subject, like a person standing in an open field, look like an amazing superstar. What do you want to capture? It's all possible!

Want to see a quick difference of the view from the ground versus the sky? Here's a quick video. Business Builders Marketing is schedule drone video shoots now for this spring and summer. Book your flight today!