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Don't Go Dark: The Importance of Digital Marketing During Crisis


We are in unprecedented times. Businesses have had to react quickly to lockdowns, limited production, working from home, and other unusual circumstances. Whether it's because they're concerned about their finances, or putting out the wrong message, many businesses are completely pulling their advertising. They're pausing their social messaging and becoming invisible. Our advice: don't go dark.

Don't misunderstand. We are not recommending that you become tone-deaf. This is not the time to host a customer appreciation open house, promote sales prices, or to be loud in any way. However, what you can't do is stop talking. Your publics - your customers, clients, patients, and partners have counted on you for years. They want to hear from you, especially now. They want to know that even if things have changed for you, that your relationship with them is still solid.

It's a great idea to revisit the messaging you're putting out. Ensure that it is sensitive, tactful, and that it complies with restrictions. For example, a restaurant may not want to be inviting guests in to eat, but letting diners know they have carryout instead. Or maybe things have made your business model more complicated and life is up in the air right now. It's ok to say that things are in a state of flux. But, it's not ok to be evasive in a world that craves transparency.

Digital marketing is an amazing tool for crisis communication. With its tremendous flexibility, we can quickly open the door to positive communication and change messaging on a dime. Web content, social posting, blog entries, e-messaging, and text messages can be quickly altered and offer immediate access to your market. No matter how quickly things change or how dark the world may appear, effective communications offer you the opportunity to shine a bright light on your business and your future.

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