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Connecting Through Chaos: COVID-19 Communication Tips


 The coronavirus has been a workplace game changer. Thankfully, many companies have been able to offer remote work options. As an employer, the idea of working from home may spark feelings of anxiety. How can you keep your team productive, engaged, healthy, and connected? This chaos can turn into team building if handled well. Here are some top tips:

1. Use video chats instead of calls for team meetings. Visual cues are helpful when talking to your team. Seeing each other's faces is more engaging and can also help boost moods/morale.

2. Don't forget to have some fun! Offer up weekly challenges or share funny (appropriate) videos or pictures to keep your company culture thriving.

3. Connect often. Try to schedule one or two team check-ins per week so everyone stays updated on the latest projects and client news.

4. Encourage team members to pick up the phone. Communication can be challenging through email as the tone is often hard to capture. If you have a question, don't hesitate to call your team members directly.

5. Encourage socialization within calls and conferences. Taking time for personal conversations reminds others that you care.

6. Take advantage of instant messaging programs such as Slack for quick and easy communication and access to hilarious gifs that are bound to make everyone smile.