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Claim Your Google Listing!


As you probably know, we live in a world powered by technology. The days of using a phone book to find business information are seemingly behind us. Now, consumers turn to search engines to get information. There are several search engines out there, but Google continues to remain supreme.

When a customer or client searches for your business, Google provides a virtual business card, known as a Google listing. Often, Google will auto-populate the listing information based on their algorithm and what information they find about your business. Smart businesses claim this listing, which will help them connect with their market.

Claiming your Google Listing is one of the most important things you can do to manage your business' information online. It empowers you to have full control of the information such as hours, locations, phone number, and street address. It places you on Google's map and makes sure those seeking you online or in-person will find you. Being able to control your business' information on Google is critical as many consumers rely on this information.

Once your listing is claimed and the relevant information is added, you can upload images of your business, a logo, and provide descriptions of the products or services you offer. Your Google Listing can often be the first impression of your business. Ensuring the information is accurate and the photos associated are impressive can do wonders for your business. Best of all, Google listings are free to claim, and the process is fairly straightforward.

All you have to do is Google your business and click "own this business?"

Enter your text heAfter that, you will have to verify that you own the business. This is done by either an automated phone call or by Google sending a postcard with a verification code. You can choose which method is best for you. Once the listing is verified, you will have complete access to take control of your listing!

For some companies with multiple locations or practitioners with independent listings, the process can become a little more complex. If you need support or want to make the most of your Google Listing, we can help. Business Builders Marketing can claim, update, and enhance Google listings for clients in various industries, including healthcare, nonprofits, manufacturing, agriculture, and more!

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