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2021 Digital Trends that Will Stick


From travel restrictions to a complete shift in consumer behavior, the past year has reshaped our world. Leaders in 2020 were forced to make hard decisions and significant operational changes, often based on little information and under tight timelines. Initially, accommodations had to be made for remote working and online interactions whenever and wherever possible. Then, when it became clear that the situation wasn't changing soon, business operations had to be reassessed and adjusted. For some, this meant accommodating their current physical environment to be safe and functional. For others, it involved either improving or embracing e-service or e-commerce so they could continue to thrive despite the environment.

Business Builders Marketing works in multiple industries. With our experience and review of trends from various marketing and business publications, we believe some changes are here to stay. Here are a few digital trends that we believe will have staying power throughout 2021 and beyond.

E-Commerce & Transactions. Everyone can easily appreciate e-commerce and online transactions that make our life easier. However, change in the world has forced owners to see that ability to complete online transactions is both convenient and critical for survival. Thankfully, social media and web platforms also understand the need and are adjusting as well. Many platforms have made it easier to create and maintain online stores, add online payment options, get documents signed, and work with components that make e-service positive so visitors can have an easy, online experience. The demand is here, and now the affordable technology is, too, for businesses of all sizes.

Video Meetings & Sales Calls. It's nice to meet in person, and many of us miss old fashion interactions. However, let's face it, video conferencing saves time and money, so it's not going anywhere anytime soon. And, meetings can be easily recorded, referenced later, and even used for training purposes. It's also well documented that public trust of video calls is now extremely high, which, in turn, impacts our acceptance rates of new video conference calls. This means that companies may see higher rates of sales call success using good video conference invitation techniques. So, schedule that haircut and think about your 2021 video background; you will be on camera!

Virtual Hybrid Events. It's believed that we will one day have real events again, big ones. We'll network, shake hands, stand in people-packed lines, and sit in large conference rooms. Many organizations – profit and not for profit – rely on these for existence. However, it's also believed that events will take on a more hybrid style for the next few seasons to appease all personalities and visitors from all regions. Many will be smaller in physical scope, however still working to draw larger online crowd appeals as they'll still need numbers and registrations. The common thread will be that pre-planning and communication on behalf of organizers will be essential for success.

Web Communications Are Key. Consumers need to easily understand your services, products, and offerings through effective online video and content found on your website. They're not coming in, calling, or doing what they once would. And, experts say, they may realize they don't ever have to again. It's on each company to educate, inform, and persuade your audience online and do it well. This will be the key to conversion now and in the future.