website support

Business Builders Marketing offers complete website design, development, and maintenance services. Often, clients become unhappy with their service providers or have a website provider that cannot offer other services. They seek our help to maintain, update, or work with their current website. We will request access to the website, and if the site is in a condition and platform that we can access, we can provide a quote for service. If the site is older, it may need to be updated/upgraded to perform ideally. You may or may not need a new site, depending upon the condition of the current site. We’re happy to take a look. Services include:  

  • Website Updates
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Host & URL Liaison Services
  • Website 24-7 Monitoring & Back-ups
  • Website Security & Stabilization
  • Website Platform Updates
  • Website Form Creation & Improvement
  • Website & Social Media Integration
  • Website Content Improvement & Updates
  • Website Photo & Image Updates
  • Website Search Engine Optimization Support

Advanced Search Engine Optimization support is provided by our website development team. This is offered, both with one-time service pages and ongoing support needs. This is also a huge area of misinformation within the industry. We recommend that you understand exactly what you’re investing in when you have ongoing fees for “SEO.” If you are currently paying for SEO services monthly, we would recommend asking for a breakdown of this time. Our firm offers complete transparency and will showcase plans and work, so you understand where dollars are going and how they will impact your results. 

We do web right!

It’s important to understand that websites are like cars. They need ongoing maintenance to stay alive and well. Our website maintenance packages ensure that sites stay healthy. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your site and make sure that it works for you always. One day, you may decide that it’s time for a new site with an updated design and features – and that’s certainly ok – this program enables you to make that decision on your own time. 

What if my site is beyond fixing or perhaps, I regret my website decision? 

Your site may be so old that fixing it would not make sense. Or, it may have been created on a proprietary platform, and I’m in a contract, and I feel stuck. Don’t worry; we can help. We can create new, customized websites for clients of all types with different budgets and needs. Very small, and very large. And another thing that’s worthy of note, many times, we take foundational elements of your current site, embellish upon these and use them to create your new 100% modern and perfectly functioning site that is both affordable and amazing. Website companies that develop sites that only they can maintain with long contracts are typically highly problematic. They often perform poorly socially and organically and limit your success. You are never stuck, ever. Don’t let anyone back you into a corner. It’s your business, your future.


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