As a full-service marketing and website design and development firm, Business Builders Marketing chooses Joomla! as one of our primary website development platforms.

More than 15 years ago, we embarked on large projects that wove our team into the Joomla! platform. Since this time, we've gained unmatched experience in the design, development, and maintenance of Joomla! website platforms. During this time, we've learned that Joomla offers the following advantages superior to other open-source platforms:

Tremendous Flexibility: Joomla! offers us design, function, and option flexibility that we just don't have with other platforms. We can create, design, build and implement anything our clients want with this platform. This includes multi-location structures, secure portals, online stores, video/photo-rich pages, and safe platforms where visitors pay directly via credit cards or with Amazon, Venmo, and more. And, of course, complete social media connectivity. There are no limits to what we can do!

Better Security: We maintain and protect both WordPress and Joomla! sites 24/7, and the difference is unbelievable. Cybercriminals love WordPress. Because there are so many sites and components, it makes sense to target the WordPress platform. Joomla! sites are far less attractive to go after. There are many reasons that Joomla! websites are safer and much less problematic for everyone.

Website for Life: When we build you a Joomla! website, we build you a site for life. It's an investment – a site that will grow with you and your organization. We have had several websites built more than ten years ago, which are still alive and well. Of course, they've benefited from updated designs and platform updates, but they have never had to start over with a brand-new website. Joomla! websites are solid investments.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Joomla! 4.0 Version is ideal for search engine optimization (and accessibility) with ideal SEO components built into the platform, so external components are unnecessary for success. Joomla! has developed a fantastic engine to offer superior results.

Extremely User Friendly: This wasn't entirely true with older versions of Joomla!; however, Joomla's 4.0 is perhaps the most user-friendly CMS on the market. The back end of a Joomla! site is easier to use and update than WordPress or any other CMS, and users are amazed at how easy and quick it is to make changes of any type!

Our marketing and website development team can support all needs that you may have with your organization. Consider the following types of projects:

Joomla Platform Update:  Have a Joomla! website that needs to be updated to the new Joomla! 4.0 platform so it can become a fast, amazing website for life? Let us help!

Joomla Website Conversion: Have a current website or provider that you'd like to update or modify? Perhaps you're ready for a better platform or a better service provider. We are ready to help!

HubSpot Integration and Support:  We are Joomla! Developers and are HubSpot Solutions Partners. If you have a Joomla website platform and have HubSpot or would like to, we can offer you support on all or any level you would like us to. Let us know how our team can help. 

Joomla! Search Engine Optimization Audit and Upgrade: Joomla! sites are powerful SEO tools when you know how to make them work for you – and we do. Let us help you ensure your market can find and appreciate everything you offer.

Joomla! Website Service. Our website maintenance program will enable you to keep your website maintained, secure, and updated – whenever you need it. We offer 24/7 monitoring, monthly back-ups, and a responsive team who handles updating needs promptly. We take care of your website, so you can take care of everything else.

We are a United States-based marketing firm that designs, develops, and services award-winning Joomla! websites. Our services are as unique as our websites. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.

Websites are the hub of your organization's marketing, sales, and communication activity. Like the rest of the world, we also develop websites in Word Press. Both platforms, WordPress and Joomla!, are open-source and user-friendly. They are available for all developers to use, update, and maintain. WordPress sites are an excellent option for many reasons and are almost always a better choice over a proprietary site that holds you hostage to one provider or in a dreadful long-term contract with poor service. If you want to discuss website development platform options, we are always happy to schedule a consultation.